About Us


Corey Ellis, President and CEO

UNameYourHomePrice.com was founded by Corey Ellis, President and CEO. Corey began his career as a real estate investor in 2001 flipping properties. Since then he has expanded his real estate investments to include a portfolio of rental properties, as well. Not only does he have the experience, he also has the educational background. He earned a Master’s degree in Finance from Webster University, and he is a licensed insurance agent, real estate agent, title agent, and loan officer. Now, he is looking to share his experience to help homeowners and investors.

When he founded UNameYourHomePrice.com, one of his goals was to create a true win-win situation for homeowners who need to sell their home fast. He created a simple process that will allow homeowners to submit an offer to sell their home directly to us on our website. If we think your price will result in a profitable investment for us and our investors, we will accept your offer – WIN for us. If we accept your offer, we will purchase the property for your asking price – WIN for you. The result, a WIN-WIN transaction for all parties involved.