Facing Foreclosure


Maybe you lost your job, have a bunch of medical bills or just spent more than you can- facing foreclosure of your home is never an easy thing. You have some options including short sale, mortgage remodification and deed in lieu of foreclosure. Another great solution is working with UNameYourHomePrice.com to sell your home fast! This way you cut your losses and won’t have to pay those looming mortgage payments.

Corey Ellis, President and CEO of U Name Your Home Price started this company with people just like you in mind. He wanted to create a solution that works for the seller and the buyer. He helps the seller by selling their home and getting them out of the situation they’re in. He helps the buyer or investor by providing them with a home that, in most cases, can be revamped for profit. Corey even has a list of properties he can move you into that would cost less than your current property.

By selling your home “as is” to UNameYourHomePrice.com you’ll prevent from being foreclosed on and prevent the negative impact on your credit report that foreclosing on a home can do. One of the better options is to sell now before it’s too late and Corey and his staff at UNameYourHomePrice.com can help you out of this messy situation that is, facing foreclosure.

Contact us today and see for yourself why people just like you are turning to Corey Ellis when they are faced with foreclosure.