How are you different from other companies that offer to purchase my home for cash? will pay more for your home.   We want you to submit an offer for a price that makes financial sense to you.  If we like your offer, we will accept it and purchase your home.  That is a true win-win transaction.

How does this process work?
  • Visit our website and make your best and final offer
  • We will call you within 24 hours to schedule a time to view the property
  • If your home meets our investment criteria we will accept your offer and purchase your home.
If my offer is not accepted can I make another offer?

Yes, you can make as many offers as you would like. However, our goal is to get cash in your pockets fast. Therefore, you will want to determine the lowest price that you are willing to accept. Then, submit that offer.

Will you match or beat an offer that I received from another investor?

Yes, we want you to get the most for your home. If you have received an offer from another wholesale investor, please mention that in the comments section when you make your offer.

What fees will I have to pay and when do I have to pay them?

There are no upfront charges. We will pay all normal and customary closing costs. If you are responsible for any nontraditional fees (i.e. liens, judgments, etc.), those fees would be paid to the title company at closing.

If the price that I want for my home is higher than any wholesaler is willing to pay, are there any other options?

Absolutely. We want to help you sell your home, period. If your home does not need much work and the price that you want is closer to a retail price. For assistance, click here.