Sell Your Home For Cash

Each year thousands of homeowners find themselves in a position where they need to sell their home for cash quickly.  Maybe you lost your job, going through a divorce, facing foreclosure, have expensive property repairs, have past due taxes or any other variety of reasons, we make selling your home fast and easy. With UNameYourHomePrice, you can sell your home for cash fast in the St. Louis and St. Charles areas.

We put you in the driver seat because you Name Your Price and we’ll Buy Your Home. You won’t find that kind of comfort going with that hand written sign on the side of the street saying “We Will Buy Your Home for Cash” or even those billboards saying they will buy your ugly home. UNameYourHomePrice creates a true win-win scenario for you and us.

Selling your home the traditional way can take months or even years; and not to mention how expensive it can be with realtor fees and closing costs. UNameYourHomePrice has created a simple three step process:

  1. Make your BEST and FINAL OFFER to sell your home
  2. You will receive a call within 24 hours to schedule a viewing of the property
  3. If your home meets our investment criteria, we will accept your offer and purchase your home


We buy condos, duplexes, townhomes, and detached homes. Some may be in good condition; others may have cosmetic issues, pest issues or even problems with the structure.

If you need to sell your home for cash fast, contact us now and submit the price you want to sell your home for!